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      Did you enjoy your weekend? There was a little different weather for everyone. We had some sunshine, some cold weather, some warmer weather, and some rain. Thankfully no snow! Everything is growing up so nicely and the trees are finally getting their leaves growing out so everything is looking beautiful. I know many of the ladies are getting their flowers in and hopefully no more freezes. The spring allergy season is in full bloom though and we’re going through a lot of Albizia  Complex for that purpose. Another  great product that I have found that works very well for spring colds and lung congestion that hangs on is our product called PulMaCo. It has many interesting ingredients but one that I found that is most interesting is the fennel seed extract in it and these are great to help the body rid itself of viruses in the respiratory tract area. There are other sources, like certain pine needles, but this product is already on our shells and even has a licorice flavor to it. There are so many good phytochemicals in these herbs that we keep learning about to help our patients. We are here to help you & yours.

     We are still in May and it is women’s health month for us. In our health shop this week we are talking about female cancers and ways to prevent them. Before  the recent virus calamity, many folks were just living life and getting insurance and getting medical treatment and whatever. But after this virus mess , people are starting to think about prevention and  learning about the many different ways to keep the body healthy. That is our purpose here at Natural Health, to prevent disease processes from starting so that you don’t have to have medical management of your disease. Does it really make sense that if you get a medical problem, that you take drugs forever to control the symptom only? Now I’m not against the use of medication on a short-term basis if it is necessary, but let’s find the underlying cause so you won’t need to be on medications that have side effects and deprive the body of certain minerals and nutrients that cause other symptoms to arise. The article that I’m sending along goes into some explanation of using herbs and spices to help give the body the nutritional support it needs to be healthy. Did you know that half of the U.S. population is either diabetic or pre-diabetic? If Main Stream medicine is working so well, does that make any sense? I don’t think so. Our bodies are made to be well and healthy and can do that if the barriers are removed that keep true Health from happening, you just need to figure out what the barriers are and that is our purpose here at Natural Health.

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