Women’s Health and Seed Oils

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                What a
beautiful weekend! We had some very nice temperatures and even got a little
rain in there, which will help keep the grass green and growing. This is a
great time of year as everything is green and growing and the trees look so
nice. By my house is a field of grass and it looks so nice and green now. As we
get into middle and late summer, it dries out and turns brown so it’s so nice
to enjoy the green grass blowing in the wind. There is a lot of pollen out
there and before the rain, lots of dust. We have lots of great products here at
Natural Health to help the body eliminate pollen and dust and stop allergy

                In our Health
Shop and Patient education workshop, we will be talking about women’s health
issues, which basically pertains to everyone as we keep it fairly general so
everyone can get something out of these events. Just remember that the fourth
Monday of the month is our Health Shop that we will have live on Facebook and
Instagram, and then putting it on YouTube and Brighteon.com eventually. There
are so many things to know about actually being healthy and it makes sense if
you just think about it. It really isn’t too hard to do but you must unlearn a
lot of the commercial advertising you’ve heard over the last decades, and
realize that that was just advertising for products and not actually health
news. We have a great handout here at the office called Medical Myths, and it
seems to be a crowd favorite as the folks we hand this out to really enjoy the
information. Big Food has really spent a lot of time and money marketing their
products and it seems hard to separate the actual facts from the plain
advertising and marketing.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the problems with seed oils
and this is a perfect example of the BS that we have heard since the 50s. After
Pres. Eisenhower’s heart attack, the medical geniuses decided that the problem
was saturated fats, which of course it wasn’t, and they have been attacking
that forever and got many people to switch to seed oils, which is exactly the
wrong thing to do for health. The seed oils were first started as machinery oil
and they are not meant for our bodies to consume. The big thing the
Manufacturers liked is that these seed oils would stay on the shelves for a
long time and not go rancid, which made them more money but made our health
worse. Crisco and margarine fall into these bad oil categories and you can
imagine how many people have eaten baked goods with these two health
destroyers. Believe it or not, the good oils include butter, lard, tallow,
coconut oil, and olive oil. We’ve been lied to for decades and the health of
this country really shows it. 

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Dr. Mark