Wow, What a Wonderful Worrying Experience

 Hello everyone. How did the start of your week go? Mine personally started off with a bit of worry.  Personal things in my life have got me thinking in a state of lack and I felt it mentally and physically. One of the most important lessons that I always talk about is BEING that person that you want to be. This is the way for you to live in the life of your dreams. The mind/brain works by that fact that if I am continuously using negative  emotion, attitude, or behavior, that is going to be creating the lens that I personally see through. Which will shape me to BE the person and my body will reflect that. This is why everyone is different and why everyone has their own personal reality or personality. 

So I got a little taste of worry and fearing the worst case scenario. I went to bed worrying about the next day and I woke up with my lower back and joints in major pain. Yes, worry and all other negative emotions reflect in the body in some way, shape or form. Worry and fear put  me in a sympathetic (survival) state, my body was releasing massive amounts of hormones within the body and my joints/muscles will be swimming in it. I woke up the other morning as though I was an old man holding onto their emotional past. Pain, stiff and tired. Worrying and fearing put my body through a survival time when it was simply laying there throughout the night. This is why having a peaceful mind right before you go to sleep is highly recommended. We get this image that getting old means you have to live in pain, have to be stiff, or lose the will to live. However, it is simply the mindset of self-care and self-determination. 

I bet you I can find old people running on concrete and weight lifting without any pain or suffering, but many live with the mindset of Being a victim to life.  Is complaining about life on the daily basis really the personal reality people want to BE living in? Probably not, then why would we condition our mind to BE living that life? People love talking about their life problems, how much pain they are in or how much drugs they are on because they are addicted to their own personality and their egos are holding them there because they continue to condition the mind. I guarantee that if I asked those that are in pain or taking drugs that they would want to BE healthy. THEN BE HEALTHY!! LIVE LIFE AS IF YOU ARE ALREADY HEALTHY! Your body will follow! There are hundreds of ways people get health results and it all comes down to that individual person of who they are BEING. Change your mindset, attitude, and behavior and you change your life. Healing comes from within YOU! Period. . . .

As it pertains to me, it was a wakeup call. A painful wake up call. The other night I was waking up numerous times in pain that it hurt everytime I moved in my bed as though I threw out my back when it was  me worrying about life changes. I look around at the older generations and I tell myself that I don’t want to live life like that and I hope that others in my generation don’t want the same. It all starts now with our emotional state and what we do physically during the day. If you are of the older generation, it is never too late. That little voice inside your head that is telling you that you can’t is the ego. This ego is using the numerous amount of times you have told yourself  that it can’t BE done. You are only limited by the stories you tell yourself. If you don’t like what I say here and don’t change your life. Ego 1 You 0. This is a huge part of why people are lying in their graves. From personal experience, it felt like the more and more I gave myself those excuses, it felt that a weight was getting added more and more as time went on. My ego would make me believe in the excuses that would make me not exercise or work on my inner game. 

BE in control of your own mind. Everyone is different and many are transforming their lives focusing on their own mind that was causing chaos with their health and the relationships they have with themselves and others. When I woke up to my alarm the other morning, I started laughing because I got a first glimpse of what worrying all day the day before does when going to bed in a worried state. This brought me to live the next morning in that same victimizing mental state. If you want everlasting changes in your life and have any type of similar experiences with the emotions of guilt, shame, fear or hatred then I recommend changing that to a state of gratitude. BEING grateful for all areas of your life will change you to BEING that loving and grateful person throughout the whole day. Your physical health and the relationships around you will change as well. Trust me.

You have so much potential inside of you. I don’t know who is reading this but I know that your ideal life you want to live is within you already because my ideal self that I am becoming is within me. Little by little everyday transforming from that old self that I was a victim of to the new self of my dreams. My life on the micro level to the macro level has dramatically changed for the better and you can do the same. I am not holding this information to myself. I would love to tell you more which is why I created a whole coaching program to get you to understand so one of these days you can be where I stand empowering your loved ones to do the same for their loved ones. We are all living separate lives which creates communities and nations to be weak. Together, when we all work on ourselves will reflect to those around us and create us to be strong.

Have a wonderful week and much love,

Coach Ed