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Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            What a nice weekend for December! I
mean it’s not summertime but we didn’t have a lot of wind or snow and the sun
was out most of the time, so all in all a great weekend. Hopefully folks got
their Christmas shopping done so that you can rest now and just enjoy the
Christmas holiday coming up. Looks like were going to have some cold weather so
keep the blankets handy. Hope everyone can also take your minds off of all the
commotion going on in our country and just focus more on Christmas and the
meaning thereof. I think we can all use a little more of that. I’m really
enjoying watching old Christmas movies and remembering the days before all this

            The article that I’m including today
looks at the Covid PCR testing and how inaccurate it is, again looking at
reducing the fear that has been caused by mainstream media. We’ve been posting
a lot of information on independent media and why it’s so important to look at
other sources of information rather than the mainstream propaganda that folks
are seeing. We have a list of those at the office if you’re interested give us
a call or stop by, we can get you a copy.

            Dr. Mercola has a saying that I
like- “take control of your health”. It is never  more true than now as folks really need to
look at what mainstream medicine is promoting and realize that most of it is
not necessary, especially this experimental vaccine. I think that many people
are waking up to the fact that mainstream medicine has not promoted true health
for decades, just treatment of disease after you’ve gotten it already. There’s
so much that you can do to prevent disease and strengthen your immune system
and this is what we have been promoting for decades here at Natural Health.
With our Nutrition Response Testing to find out exactly what the body needs to
be healthy, with good chiropractic care to keep the nervous system working
correctly, and now with energy coaching to make sure you’re working at optimum
with no negativity. We’ve always noticed that our patients, even if they
contract a bug or something, they get over it very quickly and without much
fuss. The human body was meant to be well and can achieve that condition easily
if the barriers are removed and the body is fed correctly. 

Patient Testimony: What was it like before
you came to see us?

Couldn’t sleep, Fatigued all the time. Coughed a lot. Got
upset a lot.

How is it now?

Much better on all things. 
(B. L) 

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Get Healthy, Stay
Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark