Zinc and Coronavirus

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Wasn’t Sunday’s weather excellent?
It’s so nice to have sunshine and the temperatures being in the 60s at least.
So despite the erroneous mainstream medicines advice that sun causes cancer,
please go out and enjoy the sunshine as mankind has been in the sun for
millennia and it helps to activate vitamin D which definitely supports and
strengthens the immune system. Also the fresh air is great for cleaning out
toxins in the body. And as a bonus, the sunshine kills viruses and bacteria,
one of the reasons we always seem healthier in the summer.

            This week’s article talks about how
one New York Dr. is using zinc to help his coronavirus patients and their
pulling through it much easier than other conventional doctors care. In the
article is this quote from Dr. Mercola-“It’s hard to understand this kind of
ignorance still pervades the conventional medical system — and that they can
get away with criticizing people who offer proof to the contrary.” I really and
truly hope that Americans start to wake up to the problems with the mainstream
medical approach to healthcare. To be sure, mainstream medicine is excellent in
treating acute and emergency conditions. This is because they have learned this
from battlefield conditions during wars but this philosophy is carried over
into healthcare. The problem with this philosophy is that they wait until the
person has problems and then treat them as an emergency case with powerful and
toxic chemicals and/or surgery to cut out what they consider are problem areas.
All this type of care weakens the immune system and the body’s ability to be
actually and truly healthy. Patients that stay on medications forever never get
truly well. They are not addressing causes and they’re not looking at
prevention at all. The article is great, talking about zinc but there are so
many other things to do and you cannot overpower a dozen doughnuts that a
person eats, with little zinc.

            At Natural Health, we have been
promoting natural health through our whole 38 years of practice and with this
pandemic, a person’s immune system and dysfunction are coming to the forefront
of attention. We need to change the healthcare paradigm in this country from
disease management to prevention and strengthening of the human body, not this
treatment and surgery for all philosophy. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

-Dr. Mark

P.S. – This is a great video explaining Vitamin D and the immune System