Hello Natural Health Family. Over the weekend I was able to learn from an online workshop that helped me understand different perspectives of many people. It is fun realizing what you already know but in new ways, just like reading a book twice and getting something different out of it. Let’s dive into the topic of health and attempt to seek the solutions we have lost.

When we look at the world today we tend to see all the problems including the health problems of the world. With all the available technology and resources we would think that our health would be greater. However, sadly this is not so. What our ancestors taught us at the beginning of the lives of our past relatives has fallen away to the wayside. For reasons that we may not know, we have forgotten or perhaps have been hidden from the path of knowledge needed for good health. 

In today’s world we have been conditioned to think that what is common now, that of illness and health issues, is normal. Don’t be confused, health is our normal and natural state of being. So why are so many people plagued by sickness and illness in today’s society? We have knowingly or unknowingly been going against the natural order of our health and well being. This is not entirely our fault. As a society we have swapped quality for convenience. Of course many things that are convenient have improved our well-being. However, we have taken for granted our conveniences not realizing or appreciating them. This has led us to eat, drink, and move (or not move) in unnatural ways. Further, we have been misled to think that we are victims of the world and that we are destined for an illness or dis-ease. This has led many to accept the notion that we are defined by an illness or diagnosis rather than knowing that we can overcome it by seeking knowledge that we have lost many years ago. 

When seeking the truth about health and well-being we must have an open mind which helps us realize what is truly possible. We must not let others, or even ourselves, think that we can’t get better. I once heard a great comment – “The study of health is vastly more beneficial than the study of disease.” It may be easy to think about all the issues of the world or our lives, however, the way to solve the issue is to think about the solution. So I leave you with this question for the week – “Do I ponder on problems or think about solutions.” Wish you the best this week and that you find the solutions you seek.

Dr. Chip