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Chiropractic Care

Our experienced chiropractors use natural and holistic approaches to address musculoskeletal issues, promoting optimal spinal health.

Nutrition Response Testing®

Unlock the secrets of your body's well-being through this safe, non-invasive system. Developed by Freddie Ulan, DC, it analyzes the root causes of ill health and guides natural, nutritional solutions.

Foot Bath

Our Foot Bath detoxification treatment helps your body eliminate toxins and promotes overall well-being by gently removing impurities through your feet. Experience the rejuvenating benefits of this relaxing therapy.

Heart Sound Recorder

Gain insights into your heart health through this advanced technology, guiding personalized care.


Experience the benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy for improved wellness and vitality.

Roller Table

Our Chiropractic Massage Roller Traction Table offers a relaxing and therapeutic experience. It's designed to alleviate muscle tension and improve spinal health. Enjoy the benefits of a gentle massage combined with chiropractic care for ultimate relaxation.

Chi Ultrasound

Our Chi Ultrasound Massager, featuring the Infrasonic Qigong technology, provides deep therapeutic vibrations for targeted relief. This FD


Free Initital Consultation

Take the first step toward better nutrition with our complimentary consultation. This appointment allows you to explore our services and discuss your health goals with our experts, all without any financial commitment.

New Health Check

Our initial health check is the starting point of your nutrition journey. During this appointment, we'll gather essential information about your health and dietary habits to create a customized nutrition plan tailored to your needs.

Health Check

Our health check appointment focuses on assessing your current well-being and nutritional status. We'll provide valuable insights into your health, helping you make informed choices to improve your nutrition and overall vitality.

Senior Health Check

Tailored for our senior patients, this appointment recognizes the unique nutritional needs of older individuals. We'll assess your health, considering age-related factors, and create a personalized nutrition plan to support your well-being.

Children Health Check

Designed with the health of your young ones in mind, this appointment focuses on pediatric nutrition. We ensure a child-friendly experience while assessing their specific nutritional needs and providing guidance for healthy growth and development.

Report of Findings

Following your initial consultation or health check, this appointment is where we present the findings and recommendations based on your nutritional assessment. We'll discuss your personalized nutrition plan and guide you toward better dietary choices for improved health.


New Chiropractic Exam

Our comprehensive examination and assessment aim to understand your baseline health and chiropractic needs. We create a personalized chiropractic plan just for you, ensuring you receive the care that best suits your unique requirements.

New Medicare Exam

If you're a new Medicare patient, our thorough examination is tailored to meet Medicare billing requirements. We'll assess your health and develop a personalized chiropractic plan that aligns with Medicare guidelines, ensuring you get the care you deserve.


For our existing patients, this appointment offers a chiropractic adjustment to address your bodily concerns. Our goal is to keep you feeling your best and maintain your spinal balance for overall health.

Children Adjustments

Designed with the well-being of your little ones in mind, this appointment focuses on pediatric chiropractic care. We ensure a comfortable and child-friendly experience while addressing their specific health needs.

Medicare Adjustments

For patients with Medicare coverage, this appointment ensures that you receive top-notch chiropractic care while adhering to Medicare billing standards. We prioritize your well-being and Medicare compliance.

Re Exam

Whether you've been away from treatment or require a follow-up assessment, this appointment is designed to check your progress. We make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan to ensure you continue on your path to better health.

Medicare Re Exam

This follow-up assessment is specifically tailored for Medicare patients. We maintain the same high standards of care while ensuring compliance with Medicare billing guidelines to support your well-being.