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     Well we finally got some rain and now I’m beginning to wonder if we could turn it back off. It seems we’re never happy – ha. I was surprised to see that the ground had dried out that much in a fairly short amount of time but with the rain we had this weekend, everything should be good for quite a while. I was happy to see the grass and everything green back up and the corn and beans are just growing like mad. We were working out in the rain on Saturday to finish some jobs and it was nice that it was warm. I’m sure we’ll get lots of sunshine as the summer progresses and probably need more rain at some point too.

     The article I’m sending along today looks at what happens to the human body when you eat processed foods. This is a problem during the summer when everyone gets into vacation mode and doesn’t eat nearly as well as they did in the Spring. It’s one of our problems in our society with all the opportunities for celebrations which lead to eating foods that are processed or not very healthy. We usually can get by with it for a while, especially as the weather is good, but once we hit colder weather in the fall, everyone gets a “cold or flu”. It would be better that we understand this throughout the summer and try to refrain from eating highly processed foods, especially those full of sugar and refined carbs. These processed foods with lots of sugar drive allergies and inflammation in the body as well, so it’s important to know what you’re doing to yourself when eating all these processed foods. One of the handouts that we have in our office looks at the 3 Tastes which are a taste for sugar, salt, and fat. The manufacturers know this and use it against us by producing foods that are high in one or all of these and make the food addictive to the point where people want to eat it all the time and come back to buy more. it’s definitely done to us on purpose and we just need to be aware of the problem and learn to avoid it. That’s one of our major jobs at Natural Health, to educate our patients to know what they are getting into food-wise and explain how it works in their body. We are here to help you , and do a good job I might add!

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