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            Were you able to get outside a
little over the weekend and enjoy the beautiful colors in the trees? It won’t
last long so hopefully you’ll get a chance soon. It’s definitely looking more
like late Fall but hopefully we’ll have a few warm days yet before Winter.
Hopefully the weather’s nice for Halloween this year as last year it was cold
and snowy. We’re starting to ramp up on the sales of our immune system products
as the cold gets going. Congaplex is a great product to help white blood cells
and Ferrafood is a great product for red blood cells.

            Don’t forget about our health care
classes Monday nights at 6 o’clock. On the 26th we talking about
testimonials and motivation. When we hear all the fear mongering in the
mainstream media and all you hear is bad news about numbers, it’s easy to get
down and we want to keep people highly motivated to beat all this stuff. If you
look at the actual statistics you’ll see that this pandemic is not a pandemic it
all but actually a casedemic now. The more they test with a test that’s faulty,
the more of positive cases they’ll find. The real stat to know is the all cause
mortality is lowered. Even the CDC has said that only 6% of the “virus deaths”
are due to the virus only.

            The article I’m sending along today
looks at the need for zinc, along with other things, to help keep the immune
system strong. It’s also important to remember that digestion and absorption
are a big part of what the body actually gets from foods and supplements you
take. Also if you’re eating a very poor diet with lots of processed sugars and
carbs, the body uses the nutrition to utilize the sugar and steals it from the
immune system. People and even MDs seem to have this view that whatever you put
in your mouth goes to where it’s supposed to go and they forget about the
bodies need to digest and absorb nutrients. Also the source of the nutrients
are very important as whole food supplements work much better than artificial
and synthetic “vitamins”.

            At Natural Health, we specialize in
helping patients to utilize whatever supplements their taking and bring their
bodies to optimum vitality, keeping the immune system strong, and not worrying
about outside “bugs”. 

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Patient Testimony: Symptoms
I have been working on with Dr. Mark:

& stomach issues, 
 Bloating, High
 Irregularity and  Fatigue

he has helped me:

My digestion has greatly
improved, my cholesterol is lower, my skin has improved and I have more energy!

have I learned through this process?

Each of us has the power to be
healthier by making wise food choices and giving our bodies what they need

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark