Hello Natural Health Family. Let’s talk today about what it means to be healthy. Not just the absence of symptoms and issues but the expression of life and vitality. Remember, health is natural for everyone. When you are experiencing pain or symptoms, that means you are unbalanced in some way. When we are unbalanced, we are more vulnerable to various health conditions such as having symptoms related to a virus. Lets change our way of thinking from attacking the bug to building the body strong. 

First let’s talk about your body. Did you know (according to recent findings), that your body is made up of 6 trillion human cells (there is other research stating that we have 50 trillion cells), 60 trillion bacteria, and 380 trillion viruses? Yes you heard that right. Now why, when talking about illness do we always attack the bug? Let’s face it, our bodies are as much human as they are bacterial and virus… Let that sink in. Why don’t we respect our bodies, including the “bugs” that live in, on and around us. This would allow us to live a balanced healthy life. Everything in life needs balance and when in harmony we can be a force to be reckoned with. 

Building the immune system is crucial for a healthy life. Many things can help from proper foods, proper nutrition, walking, sunlight, and calming the mind as in meditation. We also strengthen ourselves with physical touch such as handshakes and hugs. This is not just the passing of the viruses on our bodies which helps, but also a physiological and chemical process inside of us that positively affects our health. 

So to summarize. Of course i am not saying that if you or someone else is sick that you should be in contact with them physically. However, if you don’t suspect that you or the other person is sick then don’t be afraid to connect. We live in a time where people are scared to open up to others and embrace them. We are constantly trying to kill the “bugs” that live on, in and around us with antibiotics and sanitizers. It is important to stay clean, but also to live in harmony with the “bugs.” 

I hope this post has given you insight and a different way to look at things and what is going on in the world around us. I like to see it in terms of football. You can have a great offense, but with no defense you will never be able to prevent the other team from scoring. This results in a constant game of catch up and hoping that when the time runs out your team has more points. However, you might have heard that a great defense is a good offense. This is also true of our bodies’ defenses. I hope you are staying healthy and spending time with family in these different times.

Have a great day!