Hello all! Today I will be brief and talk about a life principle that I learned over the weekend at my seminar. The principle is about relaxation. Relaxation can be a powerful thing in any situation. Let me explain.

    Think about a tennis player. If you know anything about tennis you might know that when up for a serve you get two serves. Many people will use the first serve as a powerful serve and they sort of ‘go for it all.’ Many professionals are good enough to have a powerful serve and still make it in the playable area. The first serve is usually very relaxed because they know that whatever happens they always have another serve. This makes them not have to do much thinking about the shot and just have fun with it. However, on the second shot they know that they must hit the ball in the playable area so they are more timid and think about exactly where to place it. You will notice that the player is a little more tense and has a slower swing with his or her racket. When a person is relaxed the shot is more natural and more difficult for the opponent to hit the ball back. This is just one example.

    In life, we have certain situations that make us more anxious and tense. We feel we need to think of every worse case scenario and prepare for the worst. However, in the midst of everything and as time goes on, that situation that we thought was so scary seems to always work itself out. Life can be scary and we are all human. However, when we practice feeling more relaxed in those situations then like any skill we get better at it when a similar situation presents itself. 

We tend to think that tense and tight demonstrates strength and power. However, staying relaxed and calm goes a long way in how we move through life. It’s also a great way to limit the amount of stress that affects our nervous system which controls our body. So I would like you to contemplate today on how you can practice relaxation even in those situations. Take a nice slow deep breath in……………………….and out…………………….

Have a great day.