What is ADHD?
            The letters ADHD stand far
“attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”.
 It is a diagnosis given to many
school-aged children who have a hard time sitting still in classes and being
able to focus and retain what is taught.
 Most of these children are put on medications
which slows them down but does nothing for the underlying cause or causes of
the condition. 
Modern medical science doesn’t really look into causes as they
are into treatment. 
In the natural health world, we find the causes to be
varied and include heavy metal toxicity, allergies to food coloring and other
chemicals, EMF sensitivities, food sensitivities due to overuse of antibiotics,
and lack of a good nourishing diet-meaning not enough vitamins and minerals and
too much refined sugar and carbohydrates. Parents need to discover that their
child can be helped by changing the diet and lifestyle and not relying on more
and more medications.
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