The 3 Tastes
The human body has a taste for 3 things: sugar, salt and
fats. Scientists believe this is due to man’s survival needs during rough times
when food was hard to come by. In good times, man would load up on sweet
vegetables and fruit for energy, salt for fluid balance, enzyme formation and
digestion and fats for long term energy needs and hormone formation. It all
worked, however, manufactures have figured this out. They now try to get
everyone to eat too much sugar considering it’s easy and cheap to acquire. Refined
salt without the minerals and fried foods made with trans fats don’t go bad on
grocery store shelves–restaurants can use over and over. We must realize this
and be able to control our urges for un-natural “foods” that we mentally crave,
especially when we are under stress. Worst of all, refined sugar acts as a drug
in our bodies, similar to cocaine in its effect–its addictive ability and
destructive effect on our health.
~Dr. Mark
P.S. See the video “Is Sugar Toxic?” on Youtube.