40 Years ago in March


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                It was
a pretty nice weekend, all in all. No more snow and was nice to have the
sunshine and a little warmer temperatures. Looks like this week will be even
warmer and hopefully were climbing out of winter. It’s really easy to notice
that the days are growing longer and that’s a positive sign of spring coming,
plus the birds are sure flying around and chirping in the morning. It will be
great to be outside more and get the vitamin D activated with good warm
sunshine soon.

still February so were talking about heart issues. Our health shop this week
will be looking at heart issues and repair. There seems to be a lot of heart
issues out there now with the myocarditis and pericarditis issues. I’ve seen
mainstream doctors talk about not being able to repair this but we do it all
the time here at Natural Health. You just have to work with the body instead of
trying to treat it. Don’t forget that we do those live on Facebook and
Instagram at 6 o’clock on Monday nights, and then put them on Brighteon.com and
YouTube. Dr. Chip and I try to give a lot of good basic information that you
can use the next day and help you to understand why certain things are
important for health, and I mean real health and vitality, not just covering up
symptoms with medications.

article that I’m enclosing looks at the fact that many people are deficient in
vitamin D but the sad fact is that many of them may be taking a supplement but
not absorbing it, digesting it, or activating it with sunshine. At Natural
Health and with our Nutrition Response Testing technique, we can “ask” your
body what it needs and what it wants to be able to repair itself correctly and
have more energy for all the systems to work correctly. Again, the body has the
wisdom to heal itself if the barriers are removed, things like heavy metals and
food allergies, and given the right basic materials to repair itself. Our bodies
have much greater wisdom in repairing itself then what mainstream medicine
thinks it has. We are here to help you and yours gain health and keep it.

forget about our 40th anniversary here at Natural Health coming up
on March 15. We have ongoing specials and drawings through that week and it
should be a lot of fun. Even if you don’t have an appointment at this time,
please stop by and join in the festivities. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

Dr. Mark