A Blessing

 Hi Natural Health Family. We got some rain this weekend! It was definitely refreshing and great to see something different. I am sure many of the farmers were happy to see that along with anyone that has grass. Time to mow again haha. Just like waiting for the rain we can be more patient in other aspects of our life. 

Have you ever had something happen that you thought was bad or perhaps a mistake by yourself or someone else? However, after perhaps days, weeks, months you look back and realize if that didn’t happen then you would have never realized something that helped you down the road, a blessing in disguise. Many times people get caught up in thinking that this event that happened was so bad or that it should have never happened. When we are quick to judge something then we may keep ourselves from seeing something more clearly. Of course it is okay when we get frustrated from time to time, but then we can redirect ourselves to see whatever happened in a different way we can learn from the experience. Just like sports, business, relationships, or any other area of life it is not always winning that people respect but the ability to get up after getting knocked down and to persevere that we see people’s character. Life is not going to go the way we want it to all the time, but sometimes it goes the way we need it to so that we can be shown something even greater than what we wanted before. 

People say patience is a virtue. This means that it is considered a behavior of high moral standard. However, even looking at it practically we can see that it helps us to be able to allow events to unfold in a natural way and to be able to appreciate what life can offer us. Even though patience is desired we can learn from our frustrations as well. I encourage you to be patient with yourself and others since we all see things differently.

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip