A Great story about Autism children

Doesn’t Qualify for
Special Ed Class Any Longer
I have found that utilizing Nutrition Response Testing® along with
Chiropractic gets better results with my patients. I would like to share two of
these cases, since the results had a profound effect not only for the patients
but for their family as well.
I had a young boy that came in to my practice who was in a special
preschool.  He was 4 and he was diagnosed with autism.
He was an extremely picky eater.  His mom couldn’t really get
him to eat very much and he was on a very limited diet.  
The mother brought him in to see me.  Upon completing an
initial examination, I told the mother right away, “I don’t think your child is
autistic.  There is something going on with him, but I don’t see it as
autism.” He was very bright although he did have some behavioral issues.  
Through Nutrition Response Testing I found that his gall bladder
had some nutritional deficiencies.  The protocol called for giving him
gall bladder support in the form of whole food supplements.  
I had theorized that maybe he had not been able to absorb fat well
because the function of the gall bladder is to secrete bile which assists with
the absorption of fat.  I was thinking that maybe if he wasn’t absorbing
fat for most of his life it was affecting his brain function because the brain
needs fat to function properly.  
So, his body received gall bladder support. I waited a little bit
and then put him on some fat supplements and sure enough his behavior changed.
 He calmed down quite a bit and shortly after that his mother came in to
my practice and told me that the school told her that they did not think he was
autistic.  And I said happily, “Told you!”
Another case I am reminded of happened when in 2011, I had a
4-year-old boy come into my practice with a diagnosis of autism. The mom had
reported that his behavior changed drastically shortly after he received a
series of vaccines at age 2.
One of the most difficult behaviors to deal with was severe
hyperactivity. He would run around the room and talk loudly about things that
didn’t “make sense.” To me it was clear that he was attempting to communicate
but he couldn’t formulate sentences in a way that others could understand.
The Nutrition Response Testing evaluation revealed the need to
clean up heavy metals from his body.
I put him on a gentle heavy metal detox program as well as some
whole food supplements.
After 6 months the mom called me in a panic because they wanted to
take him out of his Special Education class at school. She told me, “They want
to kick him out of the Special Ed school that I have him in because he doesn’t
qualify anymore.”  She was literally freaking out. She wasn’t ready for
it. It happened so quickly.  
That’s the typical story though. We find what we find and address
it and then suddenly the child is not qualified for whatever special class they
were attending. This has occurred many times over the years that I’ve been
doing Nutrition Response Testing.
Although there is certainly a higher incidence of autism that we
as practitioners are seeing, we can’t make a broad statement that it is caused
by vaccines.  Though it appears to be a contributing factor it is not the
only one. But the amazing thing about Nutrition Response Testing is that,
whatever is causing an issue, the body will let us know what is needed to
handle it. Given the correct handling the body can heal. Solutions can be
found. And this way, we are able to offer hope in situations where conventional
medicine cannot.
Dr. Cori Stern