A New Look

 Good morning, evening, night, Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone is doing well. We are going through some interesting times to say the least. Many things we cannot control so it is important to be able to notice or see the things we can. Sometimes it may be difficult to be able to see things if we don’t have any awareness of them. Today let’s talk about “blind spots” so we can see more clearly what could be right in front of us.

Have you ever wanted something in your life? Of course you have. How about when you wanted to buy a car? You probably looked it up somehow online, you talked to others about it, and/or even walked into a dealership and looked at all they offer. As you thought about the new car, say a blue jeep, you pictured how it would be to ride one. Then as the weeks went by you started noticing all the blue jeeps that rode around town. You thought it weird because you never noticed that many before. When we start thinking about different things, our mind starts the process of being able to see it more clearly or match what we think to what we see around us. Our mind is doing this throughout our day and perhaps without realizing it. 

What we can see or be aware of depends on how we look at the world. It is similar to wearing glasses. When we wear certain glasses we see the world differently. Now you could say that we are looking out through a certain lens all the time. Depending on how we look at the world can dictate what we see in the world. This is not to say that we should ignore all the bad in the world. It is more about noticing what we are looking for and what questions we ask. Just like mentioned before about the blue jeep, we see things more when we invest our attention on them. So the question comes that if something isn’t quite working well, or not like we thought it was going to happen, or we can’t see eye to eye with another person, then is there perhaps another way we could view it or a different question to ask ourselves about it?


We all have something that we may not see clearly and it’s ok to ask someone else for advice or perhaps take a step back and see it differently. When we start looking for the good in others and asking questions to solve the issue rather than why it is happening to us, then we will see more opportunities to be able to help ourselves. Many times we forget all the good that has come from all the struggle that we went through. This week I encourage you to look for the good in others and also yourself. 

Dr. Chip