A Part Of The Process

 Hi Natural Health Family. Hope all is well. We are definitely getting some big changes in the weather. One day being around 80 and then in the 40s, welcome to the Midwest. We all know that as time goes on the weather will balance out more and stay warm. Let’s discuss some of the changes that we may go through.

I am sure we have all been through a time where we wanted or had to do something new or different and it seemed a little scary. You can probably think of a time when you were younger, when you were either trying out for a new sport, your siblings dared you to do something, or maybe it was your first speech in front of a group of people. Whatever it was, you likely felt a little nervous to start. It was something that pushed you out of your familiar or comfort level. However, you managed to take it a step at a time or you jumped in not knowing how it was all going to go but did it anyway. Of course as we grow up we have some more responsibility with the choices we make in our lives. Nonetheless, sometimes it takes a little courage just like when you were younger to make the move to go forward into some unfamiliar territory.

Did you know that the feeling of anxiousness and excitement when measured looks very similar in the brain and body? That means when we do something new even if it is something we want to do it can feel a little uneasy. Our brain has neural pathways and when doing something new we start to make new connections. At first this can feel awkward or uneasy, much like the first time you learn anything. Then as you get better you start to feel more at ease and enjoy it more. Like anything there is a process, so try to enjoy the steps as you consider making any change.  

When we can see that so-called failures in life were really lessons and that life continues to flow, we can be more accepting of the changes that come whether we let them happen or choose to make them happen. Life always has a tendency to balance itself out, sometimes it’s up to us to get out of its way.

Dr. Chip