Hello Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone is doing well. As the madness of march is coming to an end we can be ready for new beginnings. Even though there may seem to be chaos and strife still happening in the world we can know that good will come from it. The world is constantly changing. It is up to us to adapt to the change and with good health we are able to embrace it better. Let’s talk about some ways to become more adaptable. 

One way to help us become more adaptable is the food that we eat. Imagine if you were a professional athlete playing at the highest level or an astronaut embarking on a crucial mission. You would want to perform at your best because your performance dictates if you will still have a spot on the team or your space cadets all need you to do your job to complete the mission. If you were eating too many foods that don’t have good and healthy nutrients then you may be limiting yourself to perform at your best. Those split seconds on the field or in the ship that are needed to do a certain activity might be the very thing needed to win the game or accomplish the mission. Now of course these might be intense situations but also a way to see that foods can help us adapt to the stress in those environments. 

We can also say that when we exercise we are conditioning our body to have more endurance to do other activities. Many people know that to train for a marathon it is not wise to run the marathon without any previous training. When we want to accomplish a feat like that we must train our bodies so that when the time comes it can better withstand the stress a marathon could put on our bodies. As we build the strength and endurance of our body we then can become more confident in our abilities to perform physical tasks. 

A third way to help us improve our adaptability is our mental integrity. We can use one of the examples from above. The professional athlete first had to learn about whatever sport he or she plays to understand what to do. This is important for every beginner of the game. Then he or she would have to study and understand why they have to do the certain activities. Lastly, they would have to test or push their limits. He or she would have to perhaps make their body do more than they previously thought. This is where a coach can come in and help someone see what they are truly capable of. Sometimes someone else can help us see that we can go through our once held limitations. 

Many times we go through obstacles and challenges that may change the course of our lives. When we meet these roadblocks it will be up to us to be able to work through them. Although it may seem difficult, they make us stronger in the end. When we are prepared we can look ahead knowing that we will have the strength to persevere. Our ability to adapt is the key to get us to where we are going.

Thanks for reading. 

Dr. Chip