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     It’s still hard for me to believe that we have gotten through all the holidays and we’re into another year. So far the winter has been mild but it’s still winter. This is the time of year where people get more colds and flu symptoms and they really need to watch their vitamin D level. We have a great product called Cataplex D .It is a food source of vitamin D so that you’re getting the whole vitamin complex, not just synthetic vitamin D3. We also use a lot of cod liver oil which is a good oil source that is easily digestible for most people. We test  these products on the patients to see which one works the best for them. Everyone’s body is so different  and has particular needs.  This is why we check our products on the body to make sure it works right for them, not only for a good response, but to be efficient and economical. 

     This month we are focusing on the energy of the body and the topic for this week’s Healthshop is on the Thyroid and Adrenal Glands. The article that I have  included looks at the correct types of oils in the diet and these are very important for not only nutrient sources but also as building blocks for  hormones. The processed seed oils were first manufactured for machinery but we’re then used in grocery stores because they had a long shelf life. Natural oils, once processed, go rancid very quickly so the manufacturers and store owners thought that refined seed oils, that lasted on the shelves longer, were a good substitute. This is not the case though as the country’s Health has declined since the introduction of these “ Foods” .Almost all fried foods that you find in restaurants are fried in  these bad oils.


  When I first started in this practice, 38 years ago, we learned a lot about how refined sugars were at the root cause of most health problems. This is still true but we have found that these processed oils are just as bad, if not worse, as the refined sugars. It’s amazing that these simple things can cause so much trouble in our nation’s health. These refined oils and processed sugar are the underlying reasons why half of the country is overweight and 1/3 is diabetic. not a good report card for mainstream medicine!

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