Aging: A different perspective

 Welcome back Natural Health Family! I wanted to talk about a particular topic that I hear every now and then from others. The topic today will be centered upon aging and the way we view aging can help us have a better life. Life is short so this blog will be short and sweet. Let’s see how aging is not so much a curse, but can be seen as a blessing. 

There are many people in their older age that do very well and others who may not do well. This can show us that it is not aging but it can be other variables. One important aspect could very well be how we view aging. One study showed that when people had a more positive outlook on aging that people lived on average 7.5 years longer. That is a very significant number and shows us the power of our outlook on different ideas. 

When you think about getting older what goes through your mind? People can view aging many different ways. We may think about both aspects, the so-called bad and good. The bad may be that we can’t move as fast, we may have a few more wrinkles, we are not physically as strong, etc. However, when we view it positively we can see that these are not altogether bad things but more lessons. We learn that we don’t have to rush, that wisdom trumps strength, and that looks are not everything. When we change the way we view aging we can actually help our own well being. 

So there you have it. Just another reason how our outlook on life can help us in the long run. Of course we should also practice the other factors that keep us healthy such as eating good foods, drinking water, getting outside, moving our bodies, and practicing gratitude. However, as you have read, our mindset and the way we view different aspects of our lives can make an important difference as well.

Have a great week and I appreciate you reading.  

Dr. Chip