Allopathic Medicine Vs Holistic Healthcare

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            I hope that you all had a great
Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. I was so happy that the
forecasters were wrong-again. We got some rain in there but a lot of sunshine
too. It’s so great to see the trees having leaves on them again and everything
has greened up and is growing like crazy. It’s just such a great time of year.

            Our theme for this month has been
women’s health but it’s definitely gotten overshadowed with this virus
business. The 2 topics go hand-in-hand though as we are trying to get people to
realize that true health care is getting the body to work correctly and at
optimum with vibrant energy and not just waiting for a disease process to
strike and then treating the body. We’re talking two different health
paradigm’s here. Allopathic medicine looks at treating disease and holistic
healthcare looks at preventing disease from showing up and getting people to
have a vibrant life. When you are healthy, the fear that allopathic medicine
puts out about almost everything, doesn’t affect you because you are prepared
and know that your body can handle anything.

            This thought is why I’ve included
the article today about how this virus business has been made in the lab and
apparently got out. These brainiac types are going to continue to mess with
virus genetics and these problems will possibly happen again if they don’t
stop. They ideal at Natural Health, is to help our patients to be at optimum
health and vitality so they can handle any immune system attack. This is why
over the years, and with all the plagues that have affected mankind, there are
folks who live through it because their immune systems are working correctly.
With our Nutrition Response Testing technique, we can figure out what your body
needs to be at optimum.
   There is a new science that we are
seeing lots of information about called quantum physics. It is looking at the
energy of the body rather than just the material. Modern medicine focuses on
the material but doesn’t know really anything about how the body works
energetically. As the science develops, you’ll hear more about the body’s
energy and how it helps to make you healthy. We work with it now at Natural
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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark