Anxiety — Depression and Natural Health

Anxiety, Depression and Natural
            Anxiety and Depression are basically
two sides of the same coin. Both are usually a deficiency of B vitamins which
can be brought on by a long history of eating processed or refined sugar.
Standard Process divides their B complex nutrition into two parts, Cataplex B
for support of the Sympathetic nervous system which helps the body have energy
and stamina, and Cataplex G for the Parasympathetic nervous system which helps
the body to calm down and relax.
People with anxiety have a hard time relaxing, and over time,
their systems break down from lack of healing due to inability of their body to
slow down enough to heal. Sleep is when the body does this and it is so
important to get a good amount and the right quality. Doctors have patients
taking sleeping pills or using a CPAP machine which again is working on
symptoms and not the solution. The body also needs the right building blocks,
good food or supplements, to be able to rebuild itself during this sleep cycle.
People with depression have no energy to get up and go and be
able to interact with society and then pull back from loved ones and this is
also hard on the physical systems as well as the mental. The medications work
on symptoms but not on any underlying cause. You can imagine if you’re eating
the same non-nourishing foods everyday how the problem would hang around and
usually get worse. Another big factor here too is if the digestive system is not
working well enough to even absorb the nutrients in the diet. Even with bad
digestion you can absorb simple sugars and drugs, but not the foods that are
good for you and need to be broken down to be absorbed.
Manic depressive folks are a little of both, times of anxiety
and time of depression. Same causes at work here. And even if the drugs work on
the symptoms, they bring along lots of side effects. Let’s just skip these. 
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