Are You Present?

Hello Natural Health family! I have been thinking more about being more present with people and giving my undivided attention to others. During this time we are blessed with the opportunity to spend more time with our families. Being present is an important aspect of health and can have many benefits. Let’s discuss why something that seems so easy can rather be quite difficult because of how we have been conditioned to think and act. 

    Being present with others and different activities may seem easy, but i would like you to try it today after reading this post. Our minds continue to race throughout the day and practicing being present in the moment helps to limit the chatter in our minds. It also helps to increase our attention span. When you begin being present you will notice how many times your mind tends to wander off. That is because you are now being aware of the present moment and awareness helps you to realize the activity of your mind. Don’t feel bad when you catch yourself veering off. It is a skill and like any new task it takes practice. 

    Where we place our attention is where we place our energy. This means that if we are thinking about something else while performing a certain task then we don’t give the sufficient energy to that activity. Some common activities that we can be more present would be talking to others, eating food, and exercise. Eating food is a great example. Many people have digestive issues, but disregard the amount of energy they are giving away while eating their food. People tend to read, watch or do some other activity while eating. Again, where your attention goes your energy flows. So if you are placing your attention on something else other than the food you are eating, then you may not be giving enough energy to help your body properly digest the food. 

Talking to others for example, many people try to think of what they are going to say next rather than listening to the other person. Practicing being present with daily activities can help keep your energy high for activities that need to be done. A good tip is to allow a time slot during the day to plan for the future so your mind doesn’t go there during the day. 

    When you are present more of the time, you mind and body are more in sync with each other and are more adapted to the matters at hand. This can help give you more energy throughout the day. It will also help you to stay more calm and respond better to certain situations. I hope this information will help in the future and help you connect with your loved ones during this time.

Thanks for reading!