Are You Ready To Change Your View and Ways?

Hello Natural Health Family! I hope you had an amazing weekend and spent quality time with friends and family. In this post I wanted to discuss the negativity happening in the world and my view on what we need to do to change the way we respond to activities in our lives. 

    Throughout the years we have seen or experienced what seem to be unfortunate events in this country and in the world. Recently, there have been many protests that have unfortunately turned into chaos and rioting. Many people are losing their houses and businesses due to irrational people and people who maybe want revenge for something that happened. (There also may be other powers at play but that is for another topic of discussion.) These are difficult times for many people and this can cause many people to react negatively in many different situations. And just when it seems like we are getting back to more of a peaceful state, another event appears in our world which causes more chaos and suffering. These unfortunate happenings will continue to happen if we go about reacting by addressing the problem in the same ways. 

In order to change, we need to change the way we view the world. Many people believe that to be a great leader is to have a large following and command a great many people to carry out an objective. That these leaders have supernatural abilities that we cannot possess ourselves. This makes us think that we are inadequate and fall victim to the life around us. However, I would like you to think in a different way. When we think of what is natural we might think that when someone offends us or hurts us then they should be punished and suffer for what they did. We tend to think that way because we have been using that part of the brain for many years to survive, so it is natural for us to react in such a way. Therefore, to be greater than our former selves and understand that an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind, we must change our ways. To become supernatural is not to react with aggression and hate but to respond with patience and love. When we practice intelligently responding to events rather than emotionally reacting to situations, then we can start to use our energy for more productive activities and helping others. Practicing this with the people around us such as our loved ones, our co-workers, and others is a great place to start. 

We do not see things in the world as they are but as we are. We are amidst great change and to adapt to the world around us is to change ourselves. Aim to be a greater expression of yourself everyday and the world will continue to be a happier and healthier place. Have a great week and thank you for reading!