As Addictive as Cigarettes and Cocaine

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I hope that you enjoyed your weekend.  The temperatures are coming up but so was the wind.  We’re seeing the grass starting to green up a bit and noticing flowers coming up and even booming on the south side of the houses.  The birds are chirping and the ducks and geese are flying-great signs that Spring is coming soon.  It’s a great time of year but we’re already seeing people with Spring allergy irritation, and as you may know, we have great products to help with lymphatic drainage and inflammation due to the dust and mold and pollen circulating in the air.  As soon as it starts to rain, hopefully, that will help wash the air out, but for now it can be irritating.

It’s a new month so our health shop theme will change.  This month, we will be talking about diet and digestion.  This week is about indigestion and bloating.  It’s amazing how many people have problems with digestion and bowel function.  We have so many great products to help with that problem and it is a fairly easy problem to fix.  People that are on proton pump inhibitors take a little longer but it’s very important to get that handled or else you’ll age faster as the body is unable to repair and replace itself.  A good example of this is that minerals, like calcium, need an acid gut to be able to absorb the calcium.  If people have no good stomach acid production, or are on PPIs or things like Tums, it will not be able to absorb good minerals and will have bone loss.  This is a least one of the reasons for osteoporosis in older people.  And it is such an easy thing to help with but mainstream medicine is clueless.

The article that I’m sending along looks at the addiction people have to junk food, and that is done to us on purpose.  We have known forever that refined sugar is more addictive than alcohol or even cocaine.  Again, mainstream medicine is clueless on these things.  It’s as if they don’t want you to get well but enjoy making profits on continued sickness.  At Natural Health, we want to see our patients have a vibrant life, full of energy and happiness, and not relying on drugs to control their symptoms.  This type of “treatment” just lends towards degenerative disease and years in a nursing home or Alzheimer’s ward if not headed off.  We were just at the Home Show here in Quincy over the weekend and talking to people sort of makes me sad, in that many people are suffering because they’re not getting the correct information about what it takes to be actually healthy.  There are many people there that agreed with us that the Health Care System in this country is definitely broken and that its profit driven, not health driven.  At Natural Health, we are striving to change the health care paradigm in this country from that of disease management to actual health and well-being. 

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