Back To Balance

 Hello, again Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone had a great weekend and did something enjoyable. This month we are talking about men’s health and with that anxiety and depression. With that being said, there are always two sides to everything. Some may look at these conditions as illnesses. You may also look at it as the brain and body not functioning properly. When we are able to see it differently we open up new possibilities for health and well-being. 

So first you may wonder what anxiety and depression are.  In general terms, anxiety may be seen as assuming a future event happening in a way that we don’t want to, which may be considered worry or fear. Depression may be referred to as not having something we want or not being somewhere that we want to be. We can also see it in terms of our bodies. When our nervous system is “revved” up too much or for too long we can feel anxious. Much like when you drink too much coffee and you get jittery. When our nervous system is not able to function optimally, we lack proper energy flow, or it is blocked from its normal ability, then we may have the feeling of depression. As we stated before there are always two sides to seeing something. We can see anxiety and depression as illnesses that come about that we can’t do anything about. Or we can see them as signs that our body is unbalanced to a point where it needs help to get back to health. 

What can we do to help ourselves? As we have explained many times before, the body can become dysfunctional due to stress. It can come from nutritional/chemical stress. This can come from not consuming good foods or eating too many processed foods. It can also be if our body can’t adapt to chemicals in the environment. It can also be physical or traumatic stress. This can be a serious injury, too much exercise with not enough recovery, or too little movement like binge-watching tv shows or other activities. The other form of stress can come from thoughts and emotions. When we are not able to control our thoughts and emotions then they can seem to run wild. This is why forms of breathing, contemplating, meditating, and other similar activities can help us to relax and recalibrate our mind and body.  With all that being said it comes down to our ability to adapt to all the stressors that can help us maintain our calmness and vitality. 

We all can go through some highs and lows, some ups and downs. We may have days of overwhelm and days of joy. Nonetheless, we know that in all the trials and tribulations back then we were still able to make it through. Therefore may we continue to build the endurance of patience so that when the time comes we can weather any kind of storm life brings to us.