Back To Health

Welcome back Natural Health Family. Imagine everyone is doing well and enjoyed the past weekend. Fall is definitely here with the cooler temperatures. Changes in the seasons bring different opportunities and activities. It is important to stay healthy as we fall into this change and onto the next. October is still chiropractic month and with that being said let’s talk more about what it all really means as a way to help ourselves be healthy and well. 

Many times when we think of chiropractic we go to the aspects of helping to align our bodies so that we feel better and move better. This is a great attribute of chiropractic but only one characteristic of what it brings to the table. The study of chiropractic is about helping the whole person get well. It is believed that Thomas Edison once said “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” This quote highlights more aspects of what chiropractic is about. It is not only about adjusting and realigning the body. It is the restoration and regeneration of the whole person through means to bring someone from dis-ease to health and to sustain health. We all have had moments where we get out of balance and have health issues. However, this may actually help us to see that we need to correct and redirect ourselves so that we can get back in alignment. Life can be more difficult at times and we can start having some issues. However, that is why we can connect with each other and find help so that we can endure life’s challenges. 

With all the illnesses in the world, sometimes it can be difficult to realize that health is our natural state. Now with such great technology you would think we would be at our best as a nation in regards to our wellness. However, that is not the case. Health doesn’t have to be complex when we align ourselves appropriately to allow our own healing potential within.

Have a great and blessed week!

Dr. Chip