Balance Back To Health

Bula Natural Health Family! “Bula” is a Fijian term used for many occasions but more so as a greeting for good health. We are moving to warmer temperatures and changing colors outside as we settle into the spring season. This month is more about allergies and why we would have them in the first place. Our health is our greatest currency. Many people often know about sickness or we hear more about health issues rather than understanding what it takes to be healthy. Let’s change that and learn more about ourselves to stay well this season. 

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach? Not actual butterflies, but those nervous jitters when preparing for a big event such as a public speech. We all know the phrase and most of us know the feeling. However, why is it that we get that feeling in the first place? Well, they say that most people would put public speaking before death as their top fear. It is quite fearful for most people. As we prepare for something in that regard, we get nervous. Not because we are giving the speech, but the thought of it is what causes us to be nervous. Then as we slowly make our way to the stage and talk in front of 10s, 100s, 1000s of people we start to get those butterflies. This is a response to our nervous system. This is great and that fear is supposed to be there to protect us, which can be very valuable in cases when we are in immediate danger. However, when it is a perceived threat such as, what is everyone going to think, will I mess up, do I even know what to talk about, etc. these are still signals to the nervous system. This causes us to be nervous and have those butterflies. Now say if your nervous system or your brain and body are imbalanced in a certain way that causes you to feel this way throughout the day. This causes a chronic state of stress which leads to further issues like our talk this week which is leaky gut. Leaky gut is due to an imbalanced body which can come from many factors so it is important to support ourselves to reset and balance in ways that are beneficial for us. 

In today’s world, it can be easy to get caught up in the busy day-to-day and the common but not normal sickness or illness in the world. However, when we turn our gaze from the dark of sickness and shift back towards the light of health we can remember how powerful we can be. Take time this week to reset daily so that you can restore that balance. Have a great week!

-Dr. Chips