Barriers of The Body

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     I hope that you all had a great weekend and am getting over all the holiday stresses. We’ve been fortunate to have fairly good weather for January and I hope that trend continues. I always find that this time of the year I am looking very forward to the Green Grass of spring. the hubbub of the holidays comes and goes so fast and it takes some time to get back into the groove of normal living. Especially when  there is no snow on the ground, everything looks so Gray. It will be a while yet but the green grass and spring flowers will be here soon.

     I have several patients right now who have come from different backgrounds and  are having a hard time understanding about the innate intelligence of the body and how it can heal itself if the barriers are removed. This is what we are doing with our Nutrition Response Testing technique and asking the body, that we are testing, what it needs to continue to heal itself and Gain real natural health. Most folks have grown up with the idea of mainstream medicine which waits for you to get some disease and then treats it with medication. This is not health. The article that I’ve included today looks at the microbiome in the gut and how important it is. You’ll never hear that in the mainstream as there are no drug treatments for the intestinal Flora. We are finding that it is so important for so many systems of the body and how it is totally neglected in the mainstream. The use and overuse of antibiotics destroys the microflora and then lends towards yeast overgrowth which causes untold problems in the body. We work on the digestive system at the very beginning of our treatment with our new patients and definitely support the gut Flora. This is  also a pH problem that must be handled as well. All those folks taking  antacids for stomach upset have messed that system up too. The body has rules that must be followed for real health and treating the body with medications is not the answer. Just because insurance pays for it doesn’t mean that it helps folks towards true health.

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Patient Testimony: We’ve been working on losing weight to heal my liver.
Allergies also needed work. I had pain in my stomach which caused me to want to
eat, to stop the pain. That went after the first week.

So far, the last 14 months I’ve lost 30 pounds and the more
weight I lose the better I feel. Over the summer I got a little dehydrated, but
the staff were very helpful whenever I had concerns. Dr. Mark gave me something
to keep my allergies under control.

I’ve learned the importance of putting pure, good food into
my body. It’s a lot of hard work undoing the damage. It is work obtaining good
food but it’s necessary to good health. Many people are suffering unnecessarily
because of their food choices. I’m telling whoever will listen to eat well. – AP

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