Be A Student

 Hello Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone enjoyed some of their weekend. Over the past weekend I got the opportunity to drive up to Omaha, Nebraska to help move out a relative. It was quite the weekend of moving different items in and out of houses. During the moving process I noticed how certain events caused people in general to become more frustrated than other times. However, when I changed my attitude from thinking about everything to just doing it, that is when everything kept flowing. 

Many times in our lives we want to plan everything out to the smallest of detail. Of course planning to a degree is important for anything we want to accomplish in life. However, we must realize that things can come up in our lives that can throw us off course so to speak. During the weekend, we planned on having everything moved and be back by a certain time. We planned to get back and be able to do something else in Quincy. Guess what? Plans changed. We didn’t get back till much later. That could cause anyone to get irritated or frustrated not being able to do what you want to do, but I realized that there was no way of changing it at that moment. So I decided to accept the circumstances and to enjoy the ride back. This is what made all the difference. 

During the moving day there were different incidences that could cause anyone to get upset. While moving the big items like furniture there was a good amount of pivoting, shifting, lifting, straining, and so on. When things don’t fit just right then having to move it again and again can certainly cause some agitation especially after you hit your head or foot on something. Then you have a choice to get mad or laugh at yourself knowing things can happen. Another incident was as we were coming back later than expected we got a flat tire. This of course brings up many thoughts and emotions. However, rather than blaming or letting emotions get the best of us we knew what needed to be done and did it. I realized at that moment that many times our thinking can take up a lot of time. After getting the tire replaced I felt accomplished rather than frustrated at why it happened.

Life can have its ups and downs. When we realize this, we can better respond to situations rather than react. Feeling negatively about something is not a bad thing as it lets us know how to direct ourselves to a different direction if we so choose. Nonetheless, we may consider the payoff of whether we want to keep those feelings or to let them go. Life can teach us many things if we are willing to be the student. I hope you gained some value from this short read and take whatever you want from it.

Have a great rest of the week.

Dr. Chip