Be For Something

 Hello Natural Health Family. We have faced a lot of colder weather recently. I hope everyone is able to stay warm and know that spring is coming. Today we will talk about the subtle difference between being for something rather than being against it and why it is important. 

When is the last time you wanted to change something in your life but always found yourself thinking about what you don’t want. We have been thinking in a mode of survival for thousands of years. This mode of thinking would be to prepare for the worst incase something bad or unfortunate were to happen. This makes sense when people were needing to prepare for long winters, to protect themselves from other predators, gather as much food as possible, etc. That is how we have thought for long periods of time. However, our environment is not like that anymore. Now it is more involved with finances, rent, how people think of us, what to say to others, etc. This can create the same response in our bodies. Think about having to give a speech to thousands of people. You might have a little tightness in your chest or palms start to sweat. This is because you are thinking of an experience which the body responds as if the experience is happening now. This is why it is important not to be against something. When you think about being against something you may cause your brain to think in a certain way causing stress on the body. If this is done too much for long periods of time, your energy and health will be affected. 

The other way to think about it is always being for something. When we are for something then we are changing the way our brain is thinking. It starts to go from a survival mode to a thinking of possible outcomes or what could go right. This further helps the body feel more energized and creates more of a healthy way of being. Of course I am not saying that we should all together not have certain things to help us in times of need. However, there is no need to ponder on it for when we do we are causing unnecessary stress on our bodies. For instance, we don’t have to hate the cold weather but rather we can be appreciative of the spring that is to come. Instead of blaming someone for a wrongdoing, you have another opportunity to practice patience or forgiveness.  

So try it out for yourself. See if anytime during the day that you are thinking against something or for something. You might be surprised what you will notice. Thank you again for reading and maybe play in the snow before it all melts away soon. Have a great day. 

Mother Teresa – “I am not against war, I am for peace.” 

Dr. Chip