Being Present

Hello Natural Health Family! I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend and are ready to have another great week. Today I wanted to talk about being present and whether we have really considered how present we are with the events and people around us. 

When I say being present I mean that we have our undivided attention on one thing. In many situations people are not aware of how they are letting their minds trail off to many different topics. Often, when having conversations, many people are thinking about other things such as what is for dinner, what is needed to be done around the house, what they are going to say after the other person is done talking, etc.. When people constantly let their mind wander about things other than what is happening now, it forms a habit and too often becomes the person’s original state. Therefore, they will continue to allow the many thoughts in their mind to dictate where they are placing their attention and energy. This means that people can fall servant to their own mind and thoughts that come in. This further may cause us to react to those thoughts with emotions that are detrimental to our health. An example is thinking about what to say to another person which builds fear. Negative emotions such as fear can cause ill health effects to our bodies. This is why practicing being present with others and our environment can be very beneficial. 

Being present is sometimes easier said than done. When we are more present throughout our day we are less likely to react to certain situations. When we react less we are conserving our energy for more productive things and it also helps our bodies stay healthy. Practicing the present moment more will show you how much “inner talk” we may have in our minds. This process allows people to notice all the many thoughts that we have during the day. This can help calm the chaos in our minds so that we are more in control of how we interact in our daily individual experiences. You may consider this “peace of mind.”

When we are present there is a less chance that mistakes, errors, or problems happen in our lives. This process may seem difficult at first but just like any skill, the practice the better you become. You may notice improved energy and more calmness in your life. Have a wonderful week and Stay Present.