Beware – Sugar Season is Here

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed the first weekend in December. It was a little reprieve from
the cold weather we had earlier. This time of the year, we can have about any
kind of weather come in and I hope the snow and ice stays away for a while. My
sister lives in Detroit Lakes Minnesota and they had a lot of ice up there. She
told me the story of her falling down on a school playground and not being able
to get back up. I told her to keep that weather up there-we don’t want it-ha.
So as I told her, please be careful with all the weather that we will
eventually have. Also help keep your immune system strong by eating well and
using good nutritional supplements that we have here at Natural Health, so that
you can “enjoy” the winter and the holidays therein.

                It’s a
new month in December and we are changing our health shop topic to “sugar”.
There’s a lot of information to know about sugar and what it does to the body.
Not that all sugar is bad but most people don’t understand the difference and
that’s what we will be talking about in our health shops this month. This week
will be talking about holiday stress and how that causes people to eat the
things they should not, which leads them to illness during the holidays. It’s actually
fairly easy to have a nice healthy holiday season but you must know the rules.
I’m talking about the rules of good health and what the body needs to stay
healthy and not succumb to bugs that other people have when you visit them.
Mainstream medicine has us so fearful of these bugs but you need to look at the
other side of the coin and that is your own God-given immune system. If you
keep your immune system working correctly and not stressed out, the body
handles these bugs very easily. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to be
stressed (because only you can decide to get stressed or not), and eat a lot of
highly processed and overly sweet junk food, this lowers your immune system’s
ability to stop the bugs quickly and you will have to go through a complete
sickness to overcome the bugs and clean out the trash. Why not just be healthy?

article that I’m sending along this month looks at the possibility of
myocarditis from the jab. We are treating several patients who have had the jab
and helping them to overcome these problems. I won’t go into all the details
but this information is coming out more and more. If you’ve had the jab, don’t
despair but learn how to overcome the problems and get the body cleaned out. We
are here to help with that and any other health issues by just getting the body
healthy and letting it do its thing. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

Dr. Mark