Bone on Bone

Bone on bone is a term that refers to a joint that has lost the cartilage normally found between the two bones of a joint.
In the spine, this cartilage is a disc. A disc can thin, wedge, bulge or herniate. This is often associated with osteoarthritis, which can produce swelling, pain and difficulty moving.
If the joint function is compromised for too long, the body compensates, changing the shape of the vertebra. First, by thickening and forming a lip along the edge. Eventually bone spurs can emerge, splinting adjacent bones. Like stalactites and stalagmites in a cave. Or how our body would mend a broken arm.
Do you know someone with joint inflammation who should see us? Encourage them to look into a conservative approach to improve joint function before relying on risky pain medication or irreversible surgery. Urge them to give us a call.