Brain fog and constipation

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend despite it being a little cooler.  I’m glad we’re actually, and officially, in Spring.  It’s just great that the snow is gone and the grass is getting greener.  I even mowed a little grass yesterday, basically to make sure that the mower was working well, and it is.  I’ve got my roses trimmed and ready for warm weather.  It’s just a great time of year because we know that the good weather is coming and that we’re, hopefully, done with the bad winter weather.  Looks like we should have one more freeze coming up and that should be it, if you follow the wives’ tale of the frogs seeing through ice thrice.  We’re getting quite a few patients with colds and flu symptoms and, again, we have some great products to help strengthen the immune system so that patients can get over it quickly.  The cold winter weather and lack of sunshine, lends towards the immune system not working very well.  At Natural Health, you want to help our patients get over sicknesses quickly, and if possible, prevents them totally.

The article that I’m sending along this week, looks at all the estrogenic chemicals that are out in our environment, and that we are in contact with every day.  It’s an interesting history in that in the sixties and seventies, mainstream medicine was pushing hysterectomies and estrogen replacement therapy.  Then in the eighties and nineties, and beyond, their reaping the benefits of all the treatment for breast cancer.  I think we need to work towards medical freedom as well as political freedom.  What I mean by this is getting away from only doing what insurance companies pay for and the medical Dr., who is educated by the pharmaceutical companies and their reps, so that we can work towards actual health and not just treatments after the problems are caused.  Don’t forget that the fourth leading major cause of morbidity in this country is Medical Care (or Iatrogenic causes as it’s listed).  The article goes into an explanation of where these chemicals come from and why it’s been on the increase for decades.

Don’t forget about watching our health shops that we have on Monday nights at 6:15 live on face book and Instagram and then we post those on and Youtube.  This month we’re talking about diet and the digestion and this week we’ll be talking about brain fog and constipation.  You might ask “what does brain fog and constipation have to do with each other?”.  Well, there is a major connection between the brain and the gut so if the bowels are not working correctly, the brain might not function as well as it should either.  At Natural Health, we do a lot to help our patients to have normal bowel function.  The bowels should move at least once per day-minimum.  For all intents and purposes, this is your sewer system and we want to get that stuff out.  If the gut is not working correctly, this doesn’t happen well, and you don’t digest and absorb your food and nutrients well either.  The overuse of antibiotics has surely caused a lot of problems with bowel function too, over the years.  These are all things we look at here at Natural Health, to help our patients be healthy and enjoy life. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, andLlive Well

-Dr. Mark