Brain Health and Back to School


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Another beautiful weekend and I hope
you were able to enjoy it. Temperatures are getting a little cooler but still
warm enough to enjoy the outside and especially if you’re around water. We did
a lot of floating over the weekend and really enjoyed the refreshing cooler
water. The sunshine is great and were building our stores of vitamin D. I hope
you can do the same and, again, don’t forget to use coconut oil on those
suntanned areas and stay hydrated with lots of good water and sea salt or
mineral salt.

            Our topic for this month is on Brain
Health and getting back to school. The article that I’ve included is very
relative to this in that everyone’s worried about the masks and social
distancing stuff but no one’s looking at how to get actually healthy and not
worry about all this virus stuff. What folks eat, young our old, has a lot to
do with their immune system function and general health status. This article
goes into some detail on how just being overweight lens towards more
complications with this virus, and any virus for that matter. It’s a shame that
the big cereal manufacturers have such a control on the USDA and the food
pyramid that they promote. They promote the overuse of grains and carbs that
are just not essential to the human diet and if overused, like in sugary
cereals for the first meal of the day, these refined carbs lead towards all
kinds of problems, with obesity being a major one.

            At Natural Health, we are always
trying to help our patients to find the best diet for their body and for their
health, not for the bottom line of the food manufacturers. There are lots of
good videos on YouTube and other places to learn about this. Nina Tiecholz and
Ivor Cummins are great resources to learn about diet and health without the
tunnel vision of mainstream medicine and Big Pharma. And if we’re ever going to
pull out of this virus control experiment, we need to learn to get healthy and
not have to worry about these bugs. That’s what we do at Natural Health, with Chiropractic
care to reestablish normal nerve supply to the body, with nutritional support
and dietary advice to get the material of the body working at peak performance,
and energy coaching to remove negative emotions and overcome memories that are
weighing on the brain and consciousness. 

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Patient Testimony

I have been working on with Dr. Mark:

first came to see Dr. Mark for symptoms of weight loss, no energy, anxiety,
irritable bloating, etc.  I was going to
the gym 3x a week and watching what I ate (as I know how) and the scales would
not budge.

2    How
he has helped me?

Mark has got my body unblocked – taught me how to eat and stay on track in a
healthy way – I have lost 40 lbs and learned a new life style to continue on
track.  How to keep your body healthy by
the things you put or don’t’ put in your mouth.

I have learned through this process:

#1 thing I’ve learned is the real healthy way to cook and eat. The difference
between medical standpoints and the natural standpoint.  How to be on a healthy, real life diet. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

-Dr. Mark