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     Another great weekend and a mixture of weather. I’m so thankful that the grass is staying green and the gardens are growing great produce. Even though it feels hot with the humidity, the temperatures are not in the hundreds as we’ve had in the past. We are pretty spoiled with the air conditioners we have and I think that only makes the heat seem worse, but I am old enough to remember temperatures being in the hundreds years ago.  At our house now we have a very open area and can watch the storms develop and come in. It’s really amazing to see the energy of all that take place and especially the lightning strikes and Thunder. It’s better than most action movies – ha. I hope that you had a great weekend and rested for the next week.

     This month we are working on brain health and especially as the kids get back to school and being able to learn correctly. The article that I’ve enclosed looks at some of the misinformation going on out there and this is especially important when it comes to health choices. I have followed Dr. Mercola for decades and learned a lot about foods and  natural healing from his articles. I find it very distressing that his website is under attack from the powers-that-be I hope that he can continue to give us good information despite these attacks. I really like his Common Sense approach to information and I hope that people are using that approach with this virus business. There are so many ways to get good information and there has become so many good studies out there indicating the actual and factual goings-on with this virus business and the Jab. If people will just use a little common sense and logic, they can figure most of this out themselves without the Talking Heads of the mainstream media trying to brainwash them. The human body works in certain ways and that way will always be the same , especially the immune system but the body as a whole as well. At Natural Health, our goal has always been to help patients get actually and truly healthy, not just chasing symptoms with drugs and procedures, but trying to avoid the need for medical intervention. I feel that some people think that because they have insurance, that’s all they need to worry about. I hope they realize what hazard this puts them under. Medical Care is now the third leading cause of death in this country and it’s not because they are trying to cause problems, it’s just because that’s what happens when you deal with substances that can cause death or injury. Our goal is to keep people away from the need for that and let them lead healthy and fulfilling lives without medications dulling the senses.

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