Breast Cancer and Deodorants

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     I hope that you all had a great Mother’s Day weekend and were able to enjoy being outside on Saturday. Sunday was a little tough with the rain and wind and cold but don’t worry, it will change to Heat & Dry eventually. I really find it interesting that a couple weeks ago when it was really warm, the trees budded out and looked like they were going to have all their leaves on quickly. The cooler weather, almost colder, has slowed the trees down a lot but they’re finally getting more leaves and the grass is growing quite well. We’re actually having a spring this year.

     May for us is women’s health month so during the health shop this week, we’re talking about pregnancy and fertility. Fertility has become quite an issue for young couples and both sexes have issues to work out. Between the environmental chemicals and the lack of good nutritional support and understanding over the past years and decades, would be fathers and mothers are having a tough time. It’s kind of like health, most people just assume that their bodies will be fertile and be healthy without ever thinking about it. That is just not the case anymore. Many are going to fertility clinics to force the body to work a certain way but come away disappointed because the body is not ready and cannot sustain a pregnancy. Just like with the information you’ve heard over and over about the immune system and being able to strengthen it, at Natural Health, we help strengthen the  body’s ability to maintain a pregnancy by supporting good health.

     The article that I’ve included looks at the problems with diagnosing breast cancer and how that for- profit industry, has really pushed the limits of getting women to accept treatment, which appears to be causing more trouble than good, especially when using chemo or radiation. The article goes into more information on preventing breast cancer which should be the focus of all of this advertising about breast cancer but you never hear anything about it. Two really simple things you can do to avoid breast cancer is not use antiperspirant, only deodorants, and only wear a bra as little as possible. These two strategies help to keep the lymphatic drainage system working correctly so the body does not store and concentrate toxins which can damage the cells and lead to unwanted growths, or cancer. Being healthy should be a pro-active strategy rather than waiting for a disease process to come up and then managing it, which unfortunately is what mainstream medicine does. We have even started promoting the use of  thermography here at Natural Health to prevent women from getting all the radiation from mammograms. We  are even working with a source to get  thermography here in Quincy and perhaps at even our office location. If you have any questions give us a call and we can help you figure it out.

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