Breast & Cervical Cancer

Good day Natural Health Family. I imagine health and wellness for all of you reading this. This month is about women’s health and is so important especially in today’s world. It doesn’t take much to know or realize that when it comes to health, the big corporations don’t seem to have our best interest or are ignorant to what it takes to be healthy. With that said, now is the time to work together, to take power back into our own hands, and realize again that although it may be common to see sickness, health is normal.

Have you ever stopped and wondered, in spite of everything that has happened in life, how you ended up where you are right now? Whether you are where you want to be or maybe you want to get better in a certain area of life or achieve health goals, we always have the power to redirect. Sometimes it can seem like a herculean effort to achieve this feat but sometimes to move a mountain we must start one stone at a time. For some it can seem like a long journey and for others it can seem like a flash. Nonetheless, we can quickly forget about all the lessons learned along the way. We can get stuck on an obstacle or discouraged on the path, but failure does not have to be the end. Imagine all the many so-called mistakes and failures that people have made on the way to great achievements, later realizing that those roadblocks were actually stepping stones. Although people can get to a point of having more severe issues, we want to encourage ourselves and others to take the necessary steps so we don’t fall so deep into those issues. Everyone can be helped and there is always hope. Nevertheless, when we practice healthy ways we can live a life more in alignment to health rather than that of sickness so that we don’t just survive but live a more abundant life. 

Life is said to fly when we are having fun. Many things in life can be enjoyable, but we all know that without our health we cannot enjoy those things, those moments, those experiences as fully as we can. That is why health is our greatest currency. Let us not fear sickness but let it be a guide to get us back on the true path of health and a life well lived. Have a great and blessed week!

-Dr. Chip