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Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Aren’t the trees beautiful? Fall is
such a beautiful time of year and the weather has been outstanding. I hope you
were able to get outside and increase your vitamin D stores for the winter.
Remember that vitamin D is activated by sunlight so it’s important to get some.
Vitamin D is also an oil soluble vitamin so you must be consuming good fats in
order to have a good vitamin D source. If you get into the science of vitamin
D, you’ll find it comes from cholesterol so the mainstream medicines war on
cholesterol causes vitamin D levels to be low and this causes lots of immune
system problems and other issues. We help our patients be able to digest and
absorb fats and watch that their vitamin D levels are optimum.

            The article I’m sending along this
week looks at screenings and mammograms and how they can be harmful with the
false positives they promote. It kind of reminds us of the virus tests people
are getting now and all the false positives with that. It’s a great moneymaker
for mainstream medicine but it’s very detrimental to patient’s health. Of
course you want to find out if you have a problem but let’s look at preventing
it and at least giving that some attention. You’ll see many people out there
are just sitting at home fearful from all the false information on the tube and
waiting to get something. At Natural Health we are helping patients to take
control of their health and actually be healthy. There is so much that folks can
do to help control their health but you never hear anything about that on
mainstream media or at doctors offices. Unfortunately mainstream medicine is
very concerned with profits and treatment and doesn’t know much about
prevention or true health. This virus business is a great example of the
confusion and lack of true science being used in mainstream medicine. Fear is
the hook and insurance is the control. If you want to be healthy, you must look
outside that box and take control of your health yourself. We help patients to
do that every day here at Natural Health!

            I know that we are sending this to
patients already and this is like preaching to the choir but please pass this
information along to those who are struggling with health issues and fears.
When you’re healthy and know you’re healthy, the fear goes away and you can get
back to enjoying life. 

Please click here to read article from Dr. Mark

Patient Testimony: Six weeks ago, I was feeling
tired and having bad
 PMS Symptoms (bloating,
cramping, etc). I felt heavy in my body and found it hard to lose weight. Now,
I am feeling much better – I am lighter, breaking a weight plateau that
wouldn’t budge. I feel more energetic and confident that my health is
improving. -G.B.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well-Dr. Mark