Bugs and Your Immune system

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                I hope
that you had a great weekend and are starting to enjoy the fall colors. In
Quincy, we had the Tin Dusters car show people in and you can always connect this
time of the pretty colors of the cars to the pretty colors of the trees as they
start to turn. As usually happens every year, we get a cold spell and maybe a
frost or two and then we get Indian summer, and I hope that’s the case this
year. I’m not quite ready for all the cold weather yet, or ever-ha. We also
noticed over the years that when it does get cold, the colds and flu start up
again and we have great products to help our patients keep a strong immune
system to ward those things off or get over them quickly. Bugs are not
something we should fear, back should help our immune systems to strengthen. But
we must have the correct nerve flow so that the body can coordinate the healing
efforts, and the proper building blocks so the body can activate the immune
system and keep the buggies under control.

forget that were having our Health Shops now on Monday nights at 6:15 live on
Instagram and Facebook and then recorded to Brighteon.com and YouTube for
viewing later. October is National Chiropractic month so were talking about
structural things this month and this week were talking about the cause of pain
and inflammation, which everybody has at times. It should be very informative
with information that all can use. I don’t know if you know it but Chiropractic
is a healing art all by itself. When it was invented back in 1895, people had a
fairly decent diet and Chiropractic adjustments could do miracles. The
adjustments can still do miracles if the patient has a good basic nutritional
foundation and not all full of toxins and the like. That’s one of the reasons
we added nutrition and dietary counseling to our services here at Natural
Health, to be able to handle anything that comes in the door. Most folks know
that Chiropractic helps neck and back pain but it does much more than that.
Watch our Health Shops this month and you’ll see what Chiropractic can do.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at how Homeopathy can help the
body with just one drop. That sounds incredible, but it has to do with the energies
that are involved in Homeopathy that we utilize all the time here at Natural
Health. We work with these energies a lot with our Nutrition Response Testing
technique and even the energies of the nutrition supplements we use work like
this too. We do use some Homeopathic products with the food supplements but
find that most people do well enough to not need to add those. Homeopathic
products by themselves are a great way of getting an energy to help the body
heal but most people in this country, and this day and age, are deficient in
the nutritional basics, that sometimes Homeopathy doesn’t work and it’s because
of this problem. At Natural Health, we look at getting the nutritional
foundation correct first, then adding herbal remedies to help the condition
faster, and then homeopathic remedies for more energy if the body needs it. We
have a great protocol for Health. 

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