Change of Heart

 Hello Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone is doing well or getting better. Life continues to stay interesting with spring making its appearance as winter slowly fades away. This month is still heart month at Natural Health so let’s continue the conversation and acknowledge the heart and its role in our health. 

The heart is a fascinating part of the body. When many people think of the heart they may think more about a physical organ of the body. They may imagine the way it looks and most know that it is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. People might remember what they learned in anatomy class or what they were taught in school. Others may lean towards what they know about family members or what they hear on the news about heart issues. Since many people know someone who has a heart condition they tend to think that it’s a part of life and that heart dis-ease is part of life. This thinking is based on an outdated understanding of how health works. Heart dis-ease is one of the top illnesses in the US. You may wonder why this is so since it appears we have the best resources to help with our health. Perhaps, it is not about our technological advances, specific diagnostic instruments, complex systems, and/or any other physical efforts. Moreover, it may be that we have been misguided or just lack the understanding and wisdom of health. As a nation we try to use our minds to figure out so many of the issues that we have but we forget the wisdom that comes from the heart. 

Our heart is an amazing part of what makes up our bodies. It has capabilities that modern science is just now realizing. We all know of the physical aspects of the heart such as pumping blood to all cells of the body. However, the heart is capable of much more. One factor to consider is the energetic role of the heart. Research is now helping us to see more clearly how the heart helps to generate a “field” around our bodies. This may seem weird or different than current understanding but you actually can feel it most days of your life. Consider a person that loses a loved one. They may seem more down or sad about what has happened. You can feel it before they say anything. Or before walking into a house or room where there was an intense argument recently, you can feel the “energy in the room.” They used to say “you can cut the tension with a knife.” This is due to how we are picking up that energy. So you can see that our hearts can be not only helpful physically but also in different ways that can help us understand more of what is happening without needing to be explained. This world may have many illnesses and could lead us to think it is normal.

However, health is normal. Many of the issues we are facing in the world are helping us to realize that what we have been doing has not been working. It is time to embrace a new understanding and help this world heal. Sometimes it takes chaos and tearing down of what was to create something extraordinarily new.

Thanks for reading!     

Dr. Chip