Change of Plans

 Good day Natural Health Family! Appreciate everyone for being a part of this community and wanting to better your health through more natural means. It was a good weekend. However, I did have fun plans that got canceled close to the last minute. Sometimes that is just how things happen. Life doesn’t always have to go the way we think, but that doesn’t make it better or worse. 

Have you ever had plans that didn’t go the way you intended? Maybe it was a vacation experience where you had everything planned to a T but then as the days went on the plans just fell apart. What about a time where you wanted something to go one way for so long, but then 5 years later you could see it from a different angle and say “wow, glad it didn’t go that way.” Many times we want things to work out exactly as we want it to or the way we have thought about it. We know that many times life doesn’t go that way though. Plans get canceled, activities get rescheduled, and we experience events that may seem to turn our lives upside down. These are points in life that can affect us in two ways, it can either cause us to feel victim to circumstances that we experience or it can be times of learning, embracing, and trusting that there may be a lesson in what we may perceive as a mistake, as an unfortunate event, or devastating occurrence. 

We all can react to different happenings in life. It is important that we don’t allow them to dictate our behaviors and actions for too long afterwards. We can help ourselves by seeing the situation through another lens and allowing life to bring something new. Life can give us problems or lessons, it’s up to us to choose to see which one it can be. Have a great week!