Changes In The Weather

 Good day Natural Health Family! I imagine you are all doing well. It appears that the weather is changing and the temperature is getting colder. With all that is going on it appears that change will be happening more and more. It may make one ask if it will get back to normal or if there will be a new normal. Well if we look back, change happens all the time so you might conclude that change is normal. Let’s talk about the change on a relative scale so we can see that it is a continuous happening that we can help ourselves adapt to. 

Many of us have been through what seems at the time big and small changes. We have all been worried about what is and what will happen in our world. It could be something that is related to finances, family, social life, health, etc. It is understandable to be worried or frustrated in certain circumstances. However, when we view things in a different lens it helps us to alleviate our doubts and fears as we are able to see it more clearly. 

Have you ever considered what many men and women had to go through back in the past? We can go back to the stone age when we had to survive the winters without housing and heating. Or we can consider the devastating circumstances of the many wars fought in the past that led to the loss of many loved ones. Of course these are extreme examples but it is important for us to consider when we start to think of the issues we face in today’s day and age. It reminds us of what many have gone through for many of us to be here now. 

When we are able to think and remind ourselves of the history that our ancestors went through we can see that they had to go through difficult situations and make some critical decisions. We may want to ridicule and blame the choices that were made in the past but when we see that we have made choices that brought error we can lessen our blame and focus on the challenges they had to overcome and appreciate where we are now.   

We are going through some interesting times. On a relative scale we can see that we have been going through some challenging changes for many years. Of course this does not downplay the issues we face today whether personal or public. It actually reminds us to have hope and to persevere while making light of the situation. We can choose to either keep our heads down and look at the shadows or we can turn our gaze towards the light and acknowledge all the good that we still have in this world and what can still come to be.

Thanks for reading! 

Dr. Chip