Chiropractic Adjustments and Immune System Support

With all the
hubbub and excitement about the current health crisis, it seems unimportant to
talk about the weather like I usually do to start my comments. It is important
to realize though that the weather can be blamed for some of this crisis. Going
through winter and being stuck inside and away from the sun for so long
decreases our active vitamin D and just gets us into a general feeling of blah.
Hopefully we’ll get some warm weather and clear skies soon which will pretty
much eradicate the problems with this virus, as it does every year. The
question that we all need to ask ourselves is will we have to go through this
every year now? If folks would learn from this crisis that they need to work on
keeping their immune system strong, and not worried about all the bugs, we
wouldn’t have to deal with this problem. Unfortunately though, the mainstream
medical system is geared for treatment and not for prevention or strengthening
of the body. Insurance only pays for these treatments so most folks feel that
prevention must not be that important then. Nothing is further from the truth
and we are seeing this now.

            At Natural Health, we have 3 main
ways to prevent the situation from happening in our patients. You’ve heard me
talk about our Nutrition Response Testing technique being able to help improve
immune function many times in the past and many of you out there know this
firsthand. Our energy coaching work helps a lot with the emotional stresses
that people are under, helping to remove that negative energy and freeing the
body to heal itself. For this mailing, I want to focus on the Chiropractic side
and help people to understand how a simple adjustment can help the nervous
system improve immune system function. I’m attaching a historical paper that
shows how well Chiropractic adjustments helped in the Spanish flu epidemic of
1918 – 1919. It’s very remarkable. And for those that are worried about
insurance, most insurances pay for Chiropractic treatment. We’re going to have
to learn though that insurance companies don’t know much about true health
care. At Natural Health, we’re not worried about bugs because we know how to
strengthen immune systems. We just want to help you and yours be confident in
your ability to handle these infections. Flu season happens every year so let’s
be prepared.

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-Dr. Mark