Chiropractic Helps Inflammation and Pain

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great weekend but a little colder. We’re starting to catch some rains I hope
this all stays liquid for quite a while longer. My sister that lives in
Minnesota, is having snow and I hope she keeps it up there. Sounds like a
little cooler this week but then warmer on the weekend. It seems that around
Halloween time, the weather is not very good but there been many Thanksgivings
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of course, is National Chiropractic Month and it’s important for folks to
realize how important chiropractic adjusting can be to help promote health.
With all the stresses and strains that we have in our daily life, our bodies
get abused and a good adjustment helps to reestablish the normal nerve flow
that helps our bodies to stay healthy. Combine this with good nutritional care
and dietary boundaries and you have a great equation equaling good health. This
week in our health shop, we will be talking about pain and inflammation and how
chiropractic can help. Many people don’t realize that inflammation is put in
areas to help it to heal, and pain is there to keep you from irritating the
area anymore until it heals, so there is a purpose for both pain and
inflammation. The idea with adjusting the areas, and use nutritional
supplements to help it heal faster, is to keep the pain and inflammation down
to a minimum while the body fixes itself. Just using medication to cover up the
pain and stopped inflammation only makes the underlying problem worse and leads
towards scar tissue or arthritis.

speaking of the body fixing itself, there are many great nutrients in certain
foods that help the body to do just that. With chiropractic adjusting allowing
the normal nerve flow to give the body direction in healing, it’s important to
realize that the raw materials must be there for the body to rebuild an area
that has been damaged. The article that I’m sending along looks at a nutrient,
Quercetin, that helps with many different functions of the body, especially the
immune system. Nature has many of these types of nutrients available, if, and
this is a big if, the body’s digestive system is working to the point that it
can digest and absorb the foods that have these nutrients in them. That is
probably the big difference between what we do here at Natural Health, and many
advertised nutritional supplements. It Is that the advertisers never talk about
digestion and absorption, only how great the product is. There are barriers
that must be broken through that allow the body to heal itself and that’s what
we do with our Nutrition Response Testing, find these barriers. The body is
meant to be well and has the ability to do that if the barriers are removed and
the raw materials are there. 

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