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                I hope
that you enjoyed our last summer weekend, probably. We tried to get outside as
much as possible to soak up the sunshine and warmth as we know that that will
be coming to an end soon. Fall is such a great time of year but we all know
what is coming afterwards. One of the big problems that we noticed is that it
is so dry and there is lots of dust and fall flower and weed pollen in the air.
We’ve been using a lot of our Standard Process products to help patients remove
the sensitivities, or allergies, to all this dust and pollen. Let us know if we
can help you because we want to get this under control before we have to deal
with cold weather and all that stuff.

                In our Health
Shop this week, we will be talking about Chiropractic Science. Last week we
couldn’t get the live event to upload onto social media so will try it again
this week and discuss some of the information from last week on Pain and
Inflammation. Don’t forget that this is National Chiropractic Month which helps
to lend focus towards the importance of the chiropractic adjustment, not only
helping pain, but helping the body to heal itself and is a different type of
paradigm in healthcare. An interesting fact is that we work towards getting
people well without drugs and surgery, not always succeeding, but not hurting
anyone either.

topic goes right along with the article I’m including on the detrimental
effects of long-term use of medication, specifically about the side effects
involved in poly pharmaceuticals. The one point not mentioned in the article is
that with the use of these medications covering up the symptoms, the patient
thinks they’re fine but they are not handling the underlying causes of the
problem so the condition actually gets worse. Combining this with the harmful
effects of the chemicals that the body has to deal with tends towards a
worsening of symptoms over time and an increased number of symptoms, these
called side effects. Another important fact is that combining more than two
medications, no one has any idea what the side effects will be in that person.
Many of the side effects known for a certain medication are based on that one
medication, but combining them with one, two, five, 10, 15 other medications-no
one has any idea what effects this causes. And again, we all know that they are
detrimental to the detox systems of the body, explicitly the liver and kidneys,
and cause damage there. At Natural Health, we are always looking at underlying
conditions and getting those handled to the body can heal itself, as it has
done for millennia. 

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Dr. Mark