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 Hello Everyone In Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you were able to enjoy the nice weekend. It was a lot of different kind of
weather, we had hot and cool and some wind and rain so something for everyone.
As it’s warmed up and we’ve gotten some rain, I’ve noticed that the tree leaves
are almost grown out. It’s so nice to see everything green and growing but
sometimes hard to keep up with the grass mowing. Many people are noticing all
the pollen around and the unstable weather seems to add to the allergy
symptoms. We have many great nutritional strategies to help with allergy
symptoms and keep people healthy. We even have some strategies for helping with
the bug bites that people get this time of year. At Natural Health, we are here
to help with almost any condition and just help the body to be healthy with
whatever it needs.

Monday this week is when we will do our second Patient Education Workshop for
the month. We are finding, though, that it seems after all this covid stuff and
lockdown business, many people do not want to come out in the evening and just
enjoy staying home. This is why we have put many of our procedures in videos and
put them on our website at
We will probably change our schedule around soon and just have one Patient
Education Workshop live at the office so anyone that wants to come in to ask
questions or see what we do will have that opportunity. We are looking at doing
another video night and putting that on YouTube and Facebook and Instagram and We will let you know more about that later. We’re just trying to
find the best way to get information to people so that they know there is a
choice in healthcare and they can try to be healthy rather than waiting for a
disease to show up and go under disease management care.

article that I’m sending along looks at the use of cranberries for urinary
tract infections. This is not new information but it’s important for people to
realize that you can do something about this and not just go on antibiotics,
which usually cause yeast infections later. The interesting thing with
cranberries is that it is mostly just the acid in the cranberries that helps to
change the pH in the urinary system and that can be done with other things too.
Staying hydrated and using sea salt or mineral salt Can Help Acidify the pH As
Well. Apple Cider Vinegar Does a Similar Thing and Synthetic Vitamin C Also
Increases Acidity in the Urinary Tract. There Are so Many Good Things like This
Available for People and It Keeps Them from Causing Themselves More Problems
with Antibiotics and Medications. At Natural Health, Not Only Are We Helping Patients
with Their Health Situations, but Helping to Prevent Future Problems Which Can
Blossom into Life-Threatening Issues Later on down the Road. 

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Get Healthy, Stay
Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark