Christmas and Holiday Stressors

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

little colder this weekend so we can start getting used to the cold weather as
we head into actual winter on the calendar. We thankfully missed a lot of the
snow that fell up north and I hope they keep it up there. It looks like the end
of the week and Christmas will be a little cold but I’m sure we will survive.
Don’t forget that we have many products that we use to help increase immunity
in our patients and especially with some of the unfortunate eating habits that
come with the holidays. Having a dessert once in a while is okay but we need to
learn to not let it become a habit and that we can offset this tradition with
good nutrition to keep the immune system functioning correctly.

                In our
health shop this week, were talking about handling Holiday Stressors, and it
should be some good information. We’re not talking only about bad stressors but
even the good stressors or too much of a good thing. It would be nice if people
could convince themselves that broccoli tasted as good as fudge, but I’m sure
that won’t happen very often. Folks need to understand that when they use a lot
of refined sugars and flours, the body has to rob the immune system to utilize
these energy sources and many people end up with some sort of illness in the
new year. It’s not rocket science but we seem to do it every year and don’t
learn much. Don’t forget that were here to help however you get to a point
where the body is not doing well. We at least want to get you in good shape for
Spring in a couple months-ha.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at how bad oils are also
troublemakers, even worse than refined sugars. I know it sounds like I’m being
a Debbie downer but just want folks to know that they can help themselves stay
healthy over the holidays and through the winter. It’s sometimes okay to taste
things but we seem to overindulge all the time and that gets us into problems.
The bad oils that are out there are in foods that are sneaky and we may not
know we’re eating them. A good example is salad dressings that usually have
soybean oil in them and that is very inflammatory. So, the big two “hand
grenades” in the diet are refined sugars and flour, and the refined seed oils.
You can’t go wrong with good vegetables though so keep that in mind.

                I don’t
want to ruin your Christmas holidays so I’ll stop lecturing now. From all of us
here at Natural Health, we want to wish you and yours a very Merry and Blessed
Christmas. Again, if you overindulge and start feeling bad, we are here to help
and I promise we won’t judge anyone-ha. 

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